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String property length
Answer ID 11480   |   Last Review Date 04/20/2020

What is the maximum length of a string property?



Oracle Field Service (OFS)


We created a string property (GUI text ) named 'XA_additional_comments' and we would like to know if there is a maximum size limit for properties of this type. We predict that long values will be entered for this property.


TEXT is a string data type that can store up to 65,656 bytes (roughly up to 65,535 characters). Please keep in mind that special characteres like ñ, ç, ã, etc, can occupy more than 1 byte, which would reduce the number of characters you can store in this property type.


Note: If your data is going to be transferred to any of the Oracle integrations (BICS/OAC/DbaaS), please contact Support for any further details as data transfer limitation could be in place. 

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