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Disable group actions
Answer ID 11467   |   Last Review Date 04/16/2020

How can I disable group actions feature in List View?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


A user accidently canceled over 100 activities at once using the List View. Is there a way to disable the feature that allows user perform an action on multiples activities at once?


To restrict a User Type from performing group actions like Move, Cancel, or Change, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > User Types and select the User Type you wish to disable the feature.
  2. In Screen Configuration, expand Application screend section and select List view columns context.
  3. Scroll down to Group action' section and remove the group actions that should not be available to the specific User Type when selecting more than one activity in List View. 


Note: Make sure the action(s) is still available to the user (through the activity hint or activity details screen) when selecting a single activity.

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