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URL format for environments hosted in OCI
Answer ID 11447   |   Last Review Date 11/07/2022

What is the appropriate way to format my URL for Login Portal and API if I am hosted in OCI?


Oracle Field Service (OFS) Login Portal URL; API URL


Oracle Field Service customers have migrated to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). These migrations address continual improvement efforts towards availability, reliability, security, performance and integration. 

As part of moving to OCI DC, the URLs to access Login Portal and APIs changed as described below:

  • Core Application URL: changed from to <instance_name> URL scheme or <instance_name> Instance name is defined in Your Provisioned Instances in the Cloud Portal found on the Service Console. This would be the same name you setup for your OFS instance.
    • For example, if you entered "moresunshine", your URL will be "" or ""
  • API requests: changed from to <instance_name> URL or <instance_name> The Oracle assigned Instance Name that is defined in Your Provisioned Instances in the Cloud Portal found on the Service Console.  This name begins with â€˜ofsc'. If the Instance Name in the Service Console is 'ofsc-1111', the API URL would be '' or ''.
    • Example of API request:{activityId}
    • Example of API request:{activityId}