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Known Issues for Intelligent Advisor 20A
Answer ID 11424   |   Last Review Date 03/29/2020

What are the known issues and limitations for Intelligent Advisor 20A?


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Below is information relating to issues/limitations for Intelligent Advisor:

Why do I receive an error stating that the project could not be opened?

If files such as those in the folder InterviewFileAssets, including an image file, are manually removed from the folder and links to those assets such as from a screen control remain in the project, the project may become corrupted and will not open.

Why do I receive an error when attempting to debug a project with an attachment control?

The cause is a project that contains an attachment control that is not supported for the project's mapping. In certain cases, ignoring the errors that are displayed for a project and attempting to debug the project without resolving those errors can result in an error when the interview is submitted.

Why do I receive the message "An error has occurred trying to process your request. For further assistance please contact support." when running an interview?

This error message can result from an interview which contains a screen on which the same 1: relationship is collected for multiple instances.  When the same target is selected for multiple instances of the parent entity and the screen is submitted, the error will result and the interview cannot continue. 

Why does a selected value during an interview become "No Value" when the interview is completed and saved? 

There are case where a value for a field in Oracle B2C Service causes additional fields to become mandatory. If such fields are mapped to Intelligent Advisor attributes and the corresponding fields that become required are not also mapped, the value for the first field cannot be saved and will default to "No Value".  Generally, the solution is to ensure that all required value / field combinations within Oracle B2C Service are also enforced during policy model and interview design.

Why do I receive an error attempting to access a deployment / interview?  

If the application server being used does not handle URL encoding correctly and the deployment name contains a "+" character, errors may result. To address this problem, avoid the use of the "+" character in the deployment name.

Why do I receive a "system error has occurred" when attempting to view deployment details?  

This error message can result from a deployment name that contains a single "%" character.  To avoid the problem, do not use the "%" character in the name of a deployment.  

Why is the uncertain value of a value list not treated as the uncertain attribute value?  

In certain cases, the value associated with uncertain in a value list, when selected, will not result in the associated attribute becoming uncertain.  One potential workaround is to avoid the use of uncertain in the value list by utilizing a different value to represent uncertain and ensure policies utilize this new value instead of uncertain in the appropriate rule conditions.

 Why does the currency value in my testing document reported as invalid?   

Testing documents within a project may contain values that are unformatted but appear to be formatted.  For example, a French project may contain "€123,45" for a currency attribute.  When the test case is processed, the formatting is not recognized as this is not the standard number format used by Microsoft Excel.  To avoid this problem, ensure the value is entered unformatted (such as "123,45") and then apply formatting inside Excel if necessary.

 Why do I receive the message "Access Denied" when attempting to restart an expired interview within Oracle B2C Service?   

This error message can result from the interview requiring pre-seeded data which is not available after the original interview has expired.  One potential workaround is to close and re-open the current record so that it can re-seed the interview.

 Why do I see the incorrect verb forms when I enter a new verb in Dutch?   

When entering a new verb in Dutch, there is no automatic verb conjugation. You will need to enter the different verb forms manually.

 Why does Oracle Policy Modeling not attempt to upgrade a v11.0 project when attempting to connect to a recent version of the Hub?   

The protocol for Oracle Policy Modeling changed between v11.0 and v11.1, and so the upgrade message from the Hub is not understood.  You should use Oracle Policy Modeling v11.1 to upgrade your project before attempt to connect to the Hub.

 Why does an error occur submitting an anonymous interview if contact fields are map as "Load After Submit"?

This error is correct since if there are no contact fields mapped out for the interview, then a contact record is not created for the anonymous user.  To avoid the problem map out at least one contact field or do not map any contact fields as "Load After Submit".

 Why does an attribute with an existing value change if it is mapped using "Load After Submit"?

If an attribute is mapped "Load After Submit", then the attribute value will be overwritten after submit even if the attribute has a known value prior to submitting.  Also note that the value of a mapped attribute is considered to be user-set input, and will override any inferred value for the attribute.

 Why do some entity instances appear to be lost when adding or removing instances during an interview?

Slow network connectivity can result in the current page not being fully rendered when adding or removing an instance.  This means that some existing data on the interview screen is not sent to the server and therefore missing from the updated interview screen.  Wait until the interview screen is fully rendered prior to adding or removing subsequent instances.

 Why do date and time values output by the Batch Processor appear incorrect in TEXT columns?

When data is written by the Batch Processor to the database, it is sent as a raw value with the required database type.  It is up to the JDBC driver to correct format that value for the actual field type.  This formatting does not happen consistently for TEXT fields.  It is recommended that date and time values be stored in the appropriate built-in database field types.

 Why do links in the Open Project or Example Projects lists appear not to work on some machines?

Some custom browser functionality may be disabled by the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration (IE ESC). Turning off IE ESC to enable the missing functionality.

 Why does the navigation bar for my interview appear incorrectly on my iOS device?

If the device is using iOS 8 or earlier, certain browser functionality is not correct handled -including the rendering of the navigation bar.  Upgrading to iOS 9 or later will resolve this issue.

 Why do some images that appear in an online interview not appear in a mobile interview?

When images or embedded links are referenced on the screen using the "${resources-root}" parameter, this is not resolvable during a mobile interview.  This applies only to label controls.

 Why does my project report loop warnings after migration from Policy Modeling v10?

When analyzing Excel rule tables with multiple conclusions, attributes used in a conclusion may be considered used in another conclusion due to rule optimization.  Either ignore the warning or split the conclusions into separate rule tables.

 Why does the error "Nothing to Save" occur when submitting my interview?

When an interview is mapped to Oracle B2C Service, it is possible that one or more objects have no required fields.  It is therefore valid for Policy Modeling to allow the interview to deploy without any mapping for that object.  However, it is also possible that Oracle B2C Service will not create the object, as there is no data to be saved.  The recommendation is to always map at least one field per object.

 Why does my hierarchical menu in Oracle B2C Service appear as a flat list during an interview?

Hierarchical menu fields in custom objects or custom fields from Oracle B2C Service will not be displayed hierarchically in interviews, however the seeding and submitting of values does function correctly.

 Why do some values answered as "uncertain" during an interview appear as "false" when mapping into Oracle B2C Service?

Some Boolean fields in Oracle B2C Service are marked as both not required and not nillable.  If such a field is mapped, and the mapped attribute has an uncertain value, then this will be converted to a false value within Oracle B2C Service rather than raising an error.

 Why am I unable to login to the Intelligent Advisor Hub using a custom UWP (Windows 10) application developed with the Intelligent Advisor Mobile API?

There is an incompatibility with the browser component being used by Intelligent Advisor Mobile API for SSO login.  Please contact Oracle Support for further investigation of specific issues.

 Why do I get an error appearing in Microsoft Word when migrating a project?

It is possible that the template last used by OPM 10.4 may be temporarily loaded when a rule document is migrated, however that template could be incompatible with the user's environment - most likely if the template did not support 64-bit systems.  Uninstalling OPM 10.4 prior to migration will avoid the error.

 Why do I get "This interview session has expired" error when opening a generated form in a new window as part of an Oracle B2C Service agent interview?

The error is correct - the interview is secure as part of the embedded agent UI so it is not possible to display the data inside a separate browser window.

 Why do I get the same signature appear multiple times in a saved session after upgrading the Intelligent Advisor mobile application?

It is possible that signatures saved in early versions of the Intelligent Advisor mobile application may have non-unique identifiers.  This means that the updated application cannot distinguish between the different signatures.  Sessions saved in the updated application will not exhibit this issue.

 Why can I not sync non-agent projects to the Intelligent Advisor mobile application?

Projects that are mapped to customer portal should be able to be used as ad-hoc projects on the Intelligent Advisor mobile application.  Currently this is not supported.

 Why do I see a "Click to Continue" button when accessing an embedded interview using Safari?

Safari on mobile devices has a restricted cookie policies to prevent cross-site scripting attacks.  If the user has not previously visit the site on which the embedded interview is hosted, then Intelligent Advisor will show this page to generate the required cookie.  This can be avoid if the site embedding the interview and the Intelligent Advisor site are on the same domain, or use the same trust certificate.

 Why do I get an error when resuming a saved session where the entity in the deployed project has become inferred?

When the session is saved (as either a checkpoint or snapshot) the entity data is stored as base level information.  When the session is resumed, it is no longer possible to have this data set as base level so the previous values are discarded and the inferred values are used.

 Why do radio buttons for child entity control appear unchecked when using legacy interviews?

When an entity control is used to display question for the child entity of the screen entity instance, if it possible that the radio button controls will not show the current state.  This is a limitation of the legacy interview style.  Change to use latest version style or add a separate screen for the child entity (so that each instance of the child entity appear as a separate screen during the interview.

 Why does the hint text for an input control not appear in Internet Explorer 11? 

Hint text is display or hidden as determined by the browser.  Most browsers, including Microsoft Edge, choose to still show hint text when editing the active input control.  The relevant accessibility specification recommends that browsers hide the hint text for the active input control, and this is the behavior of Internet Explorer 11.

 Why do some child entity instances not appear in a resumed checkpoint?  

Prior to OPM 18A, it was possible to collect instances of an entity that was also mapped for dynamic data loading.  This meant that manually collected instances would be removed when the checkpoint is loaded due to the dynamic mapping returning no result.  Existing deployed projects will continue to have this behavior.  Opening the project in OPM 18A will correctly validate this situation and prevent the entity collection control being used.

 Why do words get incorrectly split and wrapped in a generated document?  

For certain languages like French, words like “l'anglais” may appear correct in the document template but appear wrapped on separate lines as “l'” and “anglais” in the generated document.  This is an issue with the conversion to PDF.  The suggested workaround is to try and ensure the text does not need to be wrapped in the generated document – changing the font or text size may help.

 Why does the browser window containing an Intelligent Advisor interview not exit when embedded inside an IFRAME on a mobile device?  

Interviews inside an IFRAME cannot affect the active browser window if the browser is embedded inside another application.

Why does the interview screen not auto-scroll to show the progress lightbox when the interview is contained within an IFRAME on an iOS device?

This is an issue specific to the use of IFRAME on iOS devices.  It is recommended to avoid embedding interviews in an IFRAME if users are using iOS devices.

Why does the Integration Cloud Service (ICS) Intelligent Advisor adapter report a 406 error whining retrieving an authentication from Identity Cloud Service (IDCS)?

When an Intelligent Advisor Hub is set to use IDCS as the authentication system, an error will be reported if you attempt to use an IDCS user to create a connection to an ICS system.  Use a local API client user instead.

Why does some entity instances disappear when clicking Next in an interview?

If an interview screen contained filtered attribute dropdown lists, and one of the filter attributes is dependent on entity instances collected on the same screen, then attempting to navigate to the next interview screen may fail and appear to lose values. To avoid this possibility, ensure that filtered lists are not dependant on values collected within entity collect controls on the same screen.

Why does the selected option of a read-only list control appear in the debugger on Windows 10 but not appear on Windows 7 or 8?

If an interview screen collects attribute values using a fixed list control, and that input control is read-only, then the selected value may not appear in the debugger. This is expected behaviour, as the embedded Internet Explorer browser behaves different in Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Why does the active deployment in Intelligent Advisor Hub for a project not update if I delete and recreate this project?

When a project is deployed, the name and deployment version is used by the Intelligent Advisor Hub to inform other subsystems that a change has occurred.  If you delete a project with a single deployment version and then recreate it with the same name, then once you deploy the initial version for the new project it will appear to be the same as the active deployment.  This will be corrected automatically when any active interviews or assessments on the active deployment are completed, after a short period of inactivity.

Why does a multi-line input value not get saved correctly when using a web-service connector?

When interview data is saved, the collected user data is sent to the associated web-service connector using an XML data schema.  If data contains multi-line input, the line breaks will not receive any special processing, which means that the XML processing will treat this as ignorable content and remove it from the actual saved value.  Changing this behaviour would require a new web-service connector version and this may appear in a future release.

Why does the numeric slider on Intelligent Advisor mobile application not support dragging the slider?

The slider of the Intelligent Advisor mobile application only reacts to clicking on different areas of the slider.  This is different to the slider used in for an interview in the mobile browser which allows the slider to be dragged.  This is an issue with the underlying component framework.

Why does the “Add assessment” button on the Intelligent Advisor mobile application not work after performing a synchronization with Policy Automation Hub?

Sometimes when you click the “Add assessment” button on the Intelligent Advisor mobile application, it doesn’t do anything.  This is more likely when you switch the mobile application to background and then foreground, or when the first policy model is synchronized onto the device from the Intelligent Advisor Hub.  Switching to another view in the Intelligent Advisor mobile application (such as Settings) and then back will restore normal functionality.

Why does starting an Intelligent Advisor interview appear to stall for several seconds when integrated with Engagement Cloud?

Interviews that load data from Engagement Cloud may take up to 5 seconds to launch, or even longer, depending on the number of fields loaded, the amount of data loaded, the number of customizations in the application data model, and other factors. Loading data during the interview and submitting data back to CX Sales and B2B Service Cloud can also take several seconds or more, depending on similar factors. It is recommended that you carefully verify that performance will be sufficient for your particular use case before committing to using Intelligent Advisor interviews that load or save CX Sales and B2B Cloud data.

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