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Guided Assistance optlist limits
Answer ID 11419   |   Last Review Date 03/13/2020

Is there a limit to how many guides, questions or answers I can create?


Guided Assistance
Oracle B2C Service (OSvC)


Guided Assistance does not enforce a hard limit on the number of guides, questions or responses you can create.  However, guides do use optlists to facilitate the real-time communication of changes. In particular, an optlist is used to store each question you have added to your guides and a separate optlist is used to store each response.  An optlist only supports a threshold of 40,000 records and as such there is a "soft limit" associated with the number of questions and responses you can add to your guides.

When more than 40,000 records are added to an individual optlist an error will be displayed in the Info log for the site.  The info log can be accessed in the Navigation area under Configuration -> Site Configuration -> Logs.  If you have exceeded this number for either questions or responses, an error will be added to this log whenever you edit a guide.  The error will be similar to:

File: optlist/optl_util.c
Line: 490
In Fcn: optl_error
Optlist Error
Optlist ID: 46
Description: Optlist item count (XXXXX) exceeds the maximum threshold of 40000.

  • XXXXX shows the number of records the site currently has.
  • Optlist ID 46 relates questions
  • Oplist ID 48 relates responses

The reason this is referred to as a soft limit is, even when this threshold has been exceeded the product can function properly.  If you exceed this limit functionality impairment can occur and the probability of functionality impairment increases as more records are added above this threshold.

The difficulty in communicating a hard limit is because the actual configuration of your guides and the site significantly impacts what functionality will and won't work. Best Practice is that you do not exceed the soft limit of 40,000 questions/responses in order to ensure the product performs efficiently and without error. If you experience functionality impairment associated with exceeding this limit you will be required to remove records to resolve the problem.