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An agent is not able to access the Browser UI for interface Y
Answer ID 11418   |   Last Review Date 03/11/2020

Why do we see "Access Denied" message when attempting to log into the Browser UI for interface Y, even though the profile has access to the Browser UI?


Browser UI


Access to interfaces, as well as the Browser UI, is controlled in the profile.

  • View the Interfaces section of the agent's profile to determine which interfaces they have access to.
  • Also view the Permissions -> Administration tab to confirm the following option is selected: "Agent Browser User Interface (Account Authentication checkbox)". 

For example, if "Agent Browser User Interface (Account Authentication checkbox)" is enabled for the profile, but the profile only has access to interface X, then the agent will get the "Access Denied" message when attempting to log into an interface other than "X". 

Check with your product administrator to confirm you are using the right browser link for logging into the interface which you have access to. 

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