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After completing a chat, pop-up survey not opening a new window in Chrome or Firefox
Answer ID 11414   |   Last Review Date 03/10/2020

Why is the pop-up survey opening a new tab in Chrome and Firefox but a new window in IE?


Chat Rules, Feedback, Surveys
Oracle B2C Service, All Versions


After a chat is completed the pop-up survey should open a new window in Chrome or Firefox like IE, however a new tab is being open instead.


After a chat has completed the pop-up survey will be opened by default in a new tab in Chrome or Firefox, and will open in a new window for IE. This behavior is not controlled by the product but is controlled by the browser itself, and there is no option in the product to change this behavior. There are browser settings for Chrome and Firefox that can be set so that a new window is opened and not a tab.

For Firefox you will click on "Options" then click on "General" and in the "Tabs" section uncheck "Open links in tabs instead of new window".

For Chrome, you will first need to do a search on anything. Once you have done that you will see "Settings" under the search bar. Click on "Settings" then click on "Search setting". Then scroll down until you see "Where results open" and uncheck that.

Again the product does not control this and each enduser will have to go into their browser settings and do this.