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Zlib PHP library not included
Answer ID 11405   |   Last Review Date 04/02/2021

Why does the gzdeflate PHP function not work in Customer Portal?


Connect for PHP, Customer Portal
Oracle B2C Service


The Zlib PHP library is not included in the product, and therefore none the functions included in the Zlib library will work with Customer Portal.

Zlib Functions
deflate_add — Incrementally deflate data
deflate_init — Initialize an incremental deflate context
gzclose — Close an open gz-file pointer
gzcompress — Compress a string
gzdecode — Decodes a gzip compressed string
gzdeflate — Deflate a string
gzencode — Create a gzip compressed string
gzeof — Test for EOF on a gz-file pointer
gzfile — Read entire gz-file into an array
gzgetc — Get character from gz-file pointer
gzgets — Get line from file pointer
gzgetss — Get line from gz-file pointer and strip HTML tags
gzinflate — Inflate a deflated string
gzopen — Open gz-file
gzpassthru — Output all remaining data on a gz-file pointer
gzputs — Alias of gzwrite
gzread — Binary-safe gz-file read
gzrewind — Rewind the position of a gz-file pointer
gzseek — Seek on a gz-file pointer
gztell — Tell gz-file pointer read/write position
gzuncompress — Uncompress a compressed string
gzwrite — Binary-safe gz-file write
inflate_add — Incrementally inflate encoded data
inflate_get_read_len — Get number of bytes read so far
inflate_get_status — Get decompression status
inflate_init — Initialize an incremental inflate context
readgzfile — Output a gz-file
zlib_decode — Uncompress any raw/gzip/zlib encoded data
zlib_encode — Compress data with the specified encoding
zlib_get_coding_type — Returns the coding type used for output compression