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Knowledge Advanced pagination return results based on pageMore
Answer ID 11401   |   Last Review Date 03/02/2020

Why are there fewer results than I specify in the pageSize where using pagination for search results from the Knowledge Advanced Search REST API?


Oracle B2C Service Knowledge Advanced


The Knowledge Advanced integration I am building with the Search REST API needs to search articles and paginate through those after the initial results are returned.


There is a pagination endpoint for the Search REST API that is available for use to retrieve more results after the initial question response. The question endpoint has an optional parameter pageSize that will change the number of results in the first page.  The response from that endpoint will include the pageMore tag, and that is the maximum number of more results that can be returned by paginating.   This is calculated from the pageSize for the question subtracted from the Number of Results set in Search Configuration from the console.  

When the pageMore is less than the pageSize, this can give the appearance that the product is not returning the results for this search. For example:

  • There are 50 results allowed by the settings in Search Configuration
  • The search expression returns 50 results, and the first page is set to return 30 results
  • Setting the pageSize for pagination to 25 will only return 20 results and no more pagination is available -- 50 - 30 = 20, and will be returned in the pageMore tag of the initial response.


For further information on the Search REST API: