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Setting up Embedded Chat Inlay
Answer ID 11386   |   Last Review Date 02/20/2020

How do I setup an Embedded Chat Inlay?


B2C Service Chat
Oracle B2C Service


What needs to be done to invoke the Embedded Chat Inlay on a customer portal or external site is the following. Oracle B2C Service customers must set the configuration setting OIT_CORS_ALLOWLIST* properly to ensure the Inlays are approved to interact with your site. For testing purposes, you can set a value of .* which allows any site to utilize the Inlays. However, this value is not recommended for production. Once set you can place the following code on your page.

    src="https://{interfaceOrSiteName}" async>

     site-url="{interfaceOrSiteName}" >

*In versions prior to 20D, this configuration is OIT_CORS_WHITELIST.

For further documentation for chat Inlay parameters refer to  Answer ID 10585: Parameters for Chat Inlay.