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Field Supervisor lost access to My Route screen
Answer ID 11347   |   Last Review Date 01/27/2020

Why did the Field Supervisor lose access to 'My Route' screen?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


Field Supervisor reports they no longer have access to the 'My Route' screen in the Mobility application.

In the navigation area, My Route option does not appear

In Configuration > User Type > Application screens > Main Menu, I see 'My Route' is configured for this User Type and all other Field Supervisors still have the screen.

Configuration > User Type > Screen Configuration > Application Screens > Main Menu > My Route is listed


The behavior occurs when the User associated to the Field Supervisor does not have a Main Resource to their User account in Oracle Field Service.

User screen > Main Resource column for user Field Supervisor 1 is empty. Assign a Main Resource.

Assign a Main Resource to the account and the User will have access to 'My Route' after he/she refreshes the screen.

Once a Main Resource is assigned, the My Route option will display in navigation area