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Common issues with addTableDataRequestListener call back function
Answer ID 11312   |   Last Review Date 01/13/2020

Why is the addTableDataRequestListener call back function not being called in my Analytics for External Data BUI extension?


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Why is the addTableDataRequestListener call back function not being called in my Analytics for External Data BUI extension?


There are a variety of reasons why this call back is not being called. Here are some common issues with implementing Analytics for External Data BUI extensions. 

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Issue 1: Check for any code errors in your extension file

First check if any browser error is being thrown in Chrome Developer Tools pointing to your addin code. 

  1. Press F12 in your browser
  2. Render the report
  3. Check if any errors are present and resolve any errors

Issue 2: Workspace reports not rendering the rows on new records but is rendering on existing records

If the report is rendering the data (thus confirming that the addTableDataRequestListener call back function is being called) on existing incidents, but fails to load on new incidents, then the root cause of this is the workspace settings. Ensure that the report behavior settings in your workspace has the "Execute for new records" setting checked. See the below image for more information. 

Workspace Editor > edit workspace > Design ribbon > Report Behaviors > Ensure the "Execute for new records" option is checked.

Issue 3: Report not rendering any rows, even when rendered as a normal report

There may be several issues at play here, but here are some common issues to check. 

  1. Make sure that the addTableDataRequestListener is registered BEFORE you are executing the report. For example, you would NOT want to load the call back function in the addTableDataRequestListener as a library extension. 
  2. Make sure the full name of the table matches up with the parameter passed into the addTableDataRequestListener:

    Table name matches up with the parameter passed into the addTableDataRequestListener

  3. Use Chrome Developer Tools Debug break points to confirm that the extension is loading in general as well as the  addTableDataRequestListener call back function. 

Issue 4: Data is returning to the callback function, but data is still not rendering

In this case you would want to check the following items:

  1. Make sure that you are returning proper data according to the report definition
  2. Your return data column should match the order of the report columns
  3. Each column data should match with column data type