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SLA Values Displayed in Different Time Zone
Answer ID 11292   |   Last Review Date 12/23/2019

Why are SLA values displayed in a different Time Zone when I move an activity back the Bucket's non-scheduled pool?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


When I move an activity assigned to a certain Field Resource to the Bucket's non-scheduled pool, OFS displays SLA (Start and End) values in a different Time Zone.


For non-scheduled activities with option 'SLA and Service window use customer time zone (required for routing)' selected in Configuration > Activity Types, OFS will calculate activity's Time Zone based on the customer's Time Zone. Reason is that it is actually unknown what would be the Resource's Time Zone that will get assigned to the activity.


1 - Create a non-scheduled activity in a Bucket that has a different Time Zone from destination's Field Resource you intend to assign the activity to.

2- Place the activity in the Field Resource's route. 

Observe that OFS will take in consideration Field Resource's Time Zone and display activity's SLA values accordingly.

The activity's SLA value will display according to the Field Resourse's time zone.

3 - Move the activity from the Field Resource back to the Bucket's non-scheduled pool. 

Observe that OFS will display SLA values based on customer original Time Zone:

When moved back to non-scheduled pool, the SLA value will display based on customer's original time zone.