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Parent Resource lost 'Use as Capacity Area' attribute
Answer ID 11289   |   Last Review Date 02/24/2022

Why did the bucket lose the 'Use as Capacity Area' attribute?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


I have configured the bucket 'Region A' as a Capacity Area. After I moved 'Region B' to under 'Region A', I noticed that 'Region A' lost the Capacity Area attribute and now displays the message "Please select a Capacity Area" on Quota configuration screen. I am no longer able to set 'Region A' as Capacity Area.



Having Capacity Area attribute simultaneously for parent and child in the Resource Tree is not permitted. If you move a Resource that already is a Capacity Area to be a child of a Resource that is also a Capacity Area, the system will automatically deselect the setting for the parent Resource. It will not be possible to set the parent 'Region A' as Capacity Area.when there is a child resource already set as Capacity Area.