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Knowledge Advanced Search API unavailable if no articles are indexed
Answer ID 11287   |   Last Review Date 12/16/2019

Why do I receive an error when searching in Customer Portal OKCS Reference implementation when implementing Knowledge Advanced?


Customer Portal implementation for Knowledge Advanced


When performing a search on Customer Portal while implementing Knowledge Advanced, the reference implementation or development mode will show "HTTP 500: API Unavailable" until at least one (1) document is crawed and indexed for search.


Depending on your content type indexing settings (whether Live, Latest Valid Draft, or both), create and/or publish an article in a content type that has search indexing enabled. That article should have content in at least one schema attribute that has full-text searching enabled within the content type schema.

The okcs-content_indexing utility must then run to crawl the document(s), and on the following run index them. The issue should then be resolved within 20-60 minutes, depending on the current time and what action the utility did on its most recent run. 

If your site is a new site (a new production site, a new Knowledge Advanced site, or a new KA test site) the utilities also have to be enabled for these runs to happen.  The utilities can be enabled in the configuration assistant.  The configuration assistant documentation in Overview of Site Operations, and Enable Utilities for a Test Site, explain this process.  For a test site with a lot of articles this can take several hours.