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Outlook integration on an upgrade site
Answer ID 11279   |   Last Review Date 06/07/2021

Should we enable Outlook integration on an upgrade site and test the functionality?


Oracle B2C Service (OSvC), Microsoft Outlook


Microsoft Outlook can be integrated with Oracle B2C Service enabling users to share contacts and tasks and to synchronize email. It is possible to enable the integration on an upgrade site for release update user acceptance testing as long as Outlook Integration has been purchased and it is already enabled on the production site. However Oracle does not recommend enabling Outlook integration on upgrade sites and test sites as it is quite easy to import test data into Outlook accidentally.

Outlook integration is disabled on clones by design. If you still need to enable it, as long as you are entitled to the feature it can be done by submitting a service request to Technical Support. All testers should be informed about the risk before enabling the integration.