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Property set to Read/Write in Edit/View Activity context is not displayed to the User
Answer ID 11272   |   Last Review Date 06/03/2020

Why properties set with Read/Write visibility condition are not displayed to the User in Edit/View Activity screen?


Oracle Field Service (OFS) 20A


I added a property with Read/Write visibility condition to a certain User Type Edit/View Activity context. When the User logs in they do not see the property on the screen.  The User is not able to add a value to the property.


On Edit/View Activity screen context of Core Application for Oracle Field Service (OFS) versions 20A, even if you configure a property with Read/Write visibility, it will be displayed to the user as Read Only if it has a value or it will not be displayed if it does not have a value. If you want to allow the User to be able to add values to a specific property or edit the existing value please add such property to a TAB, as shown below:

User Type > Screen Configuration > Edit/View Activity. Property is inside of a tab.

Note: For environments upgraded to OFS 20B or newer, the existing configuration on activity details main screen of Core Application will be made ReadOnly to not cause any impact to users. Administrator may edit properties permissions to Read/Write if they wish to allow users to edit the properties on the activity details main screen.