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Messages are failing with error "NO_ASSIGNED_ACTIVE_USER"
Answer ID 11258   |   Last Review Date 12/09/2019

Why are messages failing with error "NO_ASSIGNED_ACTIVE_USER"?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


I have a set_property Message Step that is configured to set the activity assigned to a field resource to unscheduled at the end of the day if the activity does not get completed the day it is scheduled for. I found that this message failed with error "NO_ASSIGNED_ACTIVE_USER". I was not able to find information about this error.

Messages tab > Set property message shows 'failed (NO_ASSIGNED_ACTIVE_USER)


If you find that messages are failing with error "NO_ASSIGNED_ACTIVE_USER" for a specific activity as seen above, the root cause of the error is that the user assigned to the activity was set to inactive. If the user status was set to inactive by mistake, reactivate the user in Resource screen. 

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