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Getting error when trying to create a Resource using Core Application interface
Answer ID 11251   |   Last Review Date 12/10/2019

Why can't I add a new Resource using Core Application?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


I can not add new Resources using Core Application interface. We receive this error message:

"Mandatory parameter resources is missing"


With the introduction of Core Application management screen, both Resource and User creation screens were merged. With this change, we have made the addition of a few User related fields mandatory to enable the creation of Resources/Users. Among these fields is the "Visible Resources" (Resources) field.

In the screen capture below, we see the error message displayed in red when "Visible Resources" (Resources) is missing:

Error "Mandatory parameter resources is missing" appears at the bottom of the Resources page

To solve this issue, add all the required user related fields to the context Edit Resource/User, as shown below:

Visual Form Editor > select user > Edit Resource/User > User's Required Fields > complete the Visible resource field