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Differences Between Suggested Search and Search in Knowledge Advanced
Answer ID 11244   |   Last Review Date 10/21/2020

What is the difference between suggested search and the full search function?


This applies to the search when using Knowledge Advanced.


When typing the search a suggested search can be enabled that gives suggestions as the user types a search.  This behaves differently than the final search.


The suggested search is a partial search, matching the word parts as you type them.  It is intended to offer some possibilities for search.  It uses the primary identifiers of the authored articles.  No other content is searched and it is not considering past searches.  If there are only authored articles then perhaps it is more comprehensive.  Some implementations have different types of content, for example web content.  Non authored content is not considered in the suggested search.

The search option, when you click the magnifying glass button at the end of the search text, is not a partial search and it is not a keyword search.  The full search looks at all available content that the user is authorized to view.  There is context and weighting of answers between the words used.  Stemming, spell correction, synonyms, intents rules, word frequency and placement are all used to determine the best answers for the search string.  No partial words are matched unless they are synonyms for the whole word defined in the manage search query interface.