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Unable to create a Theme on Oracle Field Service
Answer ID 11239   |   Last Review Date 11/20/2019

Why am I receiving the error 'Theme is not imported. Copyright placeholder {YEAR} is missing'?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


I am trying to create a new Theme in my Oracle Field Service environment, but I am receiving an error indicating that placeholder {YEAR} is missing. I filled in the placeholder with the current year.

Add theme > field Copyright has value {2019} My Company. All rights reserved. Error ' There is not imported. Copyright placeholder {YEAR} is missing.


The hint indicates that placeholder {YEAR} is mandatory in the field but you should not enter values in the brackets. Enter {YEAR} and the system will automatically replace with current year. Same rule applies for placeholders {RELEASE_MONTH} and {RELEASE_YEAR}.

On the bottom part of Configuration screen, '2019. My Company. All rights reserved' is displayed.