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A new message attempt after a failed message is being set to MESSAGE_STEP_EXPIRED
Answer ID 11220   |   Last Review Date 11/20/2019

Why the next message attempt after a failed message is being set to 'MESSAGE_STEP_EXPIRED'?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


I have configured a certain 'Number of attempts on 'failed' status' for a message step but the messages are not being sent and are being set to MESSAGE_STEP_EXPIRED.


The value in the parameter 'Sending will time out in' needs to be big enough to accommodate all the attempts and the interval between attempts.


Modify scenario step > field Sending will time out in 0 hours 20 minutes is highlighted.

According to the configuration above, parameter 'Sending time' is set to 'time of event + 0' and 'Sending will time out in' is set to '20 minutes'.

In our example, message is first sent to external system at 16:45

External system sends set_message_status 'failed' at 16:48

Based on the configuration in the message step, system should try the next attempt 30 minutes from the first attempt (16:45 + 30 = 17:15). Since the parameter  'Sending will time out in' is set to 20 minutes, the message will not be sent out and will be set to MESSAGE_STEP_EXPIRED because the 'Sending will time out in' already expired 10 minutes ago.

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