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Dynamic option not visible in Filter Condition
Answer ID 11192   |   Last Review Date 10/22/2019

Why doesn't the Filter Condition show the 'Dynamic' option for property values?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


I have created a new Filter. While creating the Filter Conditions I am not able to find the 'Dynamic' option which allows a user to type a value for the field that the condition is for.

Configuration > Filters > Filter Label dispatcher_comments is shown.

Add filter condition screen > Field Dispatcher Comments > Condition 'In'. Parameter "Value" is empty


The Dynamic property value in the Filter Condition is only available for filters configured to be visible in List/Time/Map/Daily screens. If you have selected Routing or Restriction on visible activities, 'Dynamic' option will not be available for use.

Configuration > Filters > Modify filter screen. Parameter 'List/Time/Map/Daily' is selected. 'Routing' and 'Restriction on visible activities' are not selected.

Add filter condition screen > checkbox Dynamic is visible and checked.

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