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Round Robin incident assignment
Answer ID 11143   |   Last Review Date 10/10/2019

Why was an incident, with a Round Robin queue, not assigned to an available agent?


Oracle B2C Service, Round Robin incident routing


When using Round Robin (Logged In), the following is required for assignment to occur:
  1. Incident Queue is set to a Round Robin queue  (as specified by the Customizable Menus editor, system menus -> Incident Queues)
  2. The Incident Queue is set in the agent's profile 
  3. The agent is logged in for that profile 
  4. The agent's incident Inbox Limit has not been reached 
  5. The incident status type is Unresolved (Round Robin will not assign out Solved or Waiting status types)

For more information about setting up Incident Queues, refer to the Add or Edit an Incident Queue section of online documentation. 

For more information about Profile Incident Queue settings, refer to the Assign Service Permissions section of online documentation.

To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.