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Submitting your first service request? Or accessing for the first time?
Answer ID 11078   |   Last Review Date 12/06/2022

I have never submitted a service request. How do I submit one?


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Oracle B2C Service (OSvC)


Never submitted a service request or accessed the page before?  Here is some helpful information to get you started.

First, it is important to understand that Oracle B2C Service Technical Support only supports the Oracle B2C Service (Oracle RighNow/RNOW) product.  If you have other products with Oracle, those are supported through the page. 

The Oracle B2C Service support page is found on:

You are required to have an account to access the features of these pages, such as submitting a service request. This account is referred to as the "contact record". 

When your order was processed, the name/email provided by the sales team on the order is the information used to create the initial Contact Record. The initial Contact will receive an email from the initial service request created with the details.  This email will have a service request number in the subject line of the email. For example: 190101-000000.

Here are the steps to log into for the first time:
1 - Go to:
2 - Select: Login 
Note: Do not select "Join". 
3 - Select: Forgot username or password
4 - Select: Reset Your Password (this is the 2nd option)
5 - Enter your user name: (your email address)
Note: your user name is case sensitive
6 - You will receive a separate email with a url to set the password. 
7 - Once you have set the password, you can finish logging into

If you are not a new customer and do not already have a Contact Record, you will need to engage the Contact manager for your organization. Do not select the "join" option. 

If you need to change your username, please review Answer ID 12498: Change my username for logging into Oracle B2C Service support portal

If you encounter issues with logging in, you can submit a service request by sending an email to: Oracle Support