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OKCS Recommendations standard report not displaying the correct data
Answer ID 11050   |   Last Review Date 09/08/2019

Why is standard report \Public Reports\OKCS\Recommendations displaying only a limited number of recommendations?


Oracle Knowledge Advanced Cloud (OKCS) - May 2019 and later


There are two types of tables storing data for Oracle Knowledge Advanced Cloud (OKCS) recommendations with the Oracle Knowledge Advanced Cloud product:

- Second is the okcs_recommendations table

The first one stores all pieces of information about content recommendation with OKCS, while the second one is a view table, based on CONTENTRECOMMENDATION, created for reporting purposes. 

The \Public Reports\OKCS\Recommendations is a report built on the okcs_recommendations table, meant to provide end-users with an insight into the list of entries in CONTENTRECOMMENDATION.

However, the okcs_recommendations table has been designed to show only entries that are not older than 90 days. This means that \Public Reports\OKCS\Recommendations report will only display data added in the last 90 days. 

Consequently, the number of rows in the report will be limited when compared with the actual list of content recommendations stored in the site database.

For more information on OKCS analytics, please check our documentation available at:
About Knowledge Advanced Analytics