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Removing User Type from the list of Shared Configuration Screen
Answer ID 11036   |   Last Review Date 09/01/2019

How to remove an User Type from the list of Shared Configuration Screen?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


I don't know how to remove an User Type from the list of Shared Configuration Screen


In order to remove an User Type from the list of Shared Screen Configuration please execute the following steps:

1 - Go to Configuration > User Types

Configuration > User Types

2 - Select the desired User Type you want to disassociate from screen sharing

User Type Shared 03 is selected

3 - Click on Screen Configuration tab

Screen Configuration tab is highlighted

4 - Click  Change

'Change' action link is highlighted for selection

5 - Select the option Create Screen configuration as copy of

6 - In the drop-down menu, select the User Type you wish to use as base to copy

7 - Click Apply

'Create Screen configuration as copy of' is selected. Apply button is highlighted for selection

8 - You can see that this User Type is no longer sharing screen with other User Type(s), as field Screen configuration shared with is no longer displayed.

9 - You now see the option Copy or share screen configuration.

Now 'Copy or share screen configuration' option is visible.

10 - You can verify and confirm that the other User Types continue to be part of the original shared configuration list and were not affected by the change.

When selecting User Type Shared 02, it shows 'Screen configuration shared with' User Type Shared 01

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