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My cloned interface shows the wrong language on some labels
Answer ID 11005   |   Last Review Date 02/25/2020

Why are some of my labels in the wrong language? 


Oracle B2C Service (OSvC)


Some of the labels on my workspaces and other areas of the product do not match the language of this interface. 


When an interface is created by cloning another interface, with a different language pack, you may see the following outcome. 

 - Any labels which were modified by typing in a new label, on the parent interface, will show the language of the parent interface. For example, say interfaceA uses language pack German and interfaceC (cloned from interfaceA) uses language pack Japanese. On interfaceA, an agent created a new incident workspace called MyIncident and changed the label of Subject to NewSubject (using German characters). When viewing this workspace on interfaceC, the Subject will match what was set on interfaceA, thus it will be in the German language. 

 - Any workspaces which were created on the parent interface, will only be accessible from the parent interface. They will not be viewable in the workspace/workflow editor on the new cloned interface. For example, say interfaceC was cloned from interface A. Workspace1 was created on interface A. In order to edit Workspace1, you'll need to log into interfaceA and then access Workspace1 from the workspaces/workflows editor there. 

A Better Approach:

It is best to export a workspace from interfaceA and then import it into interfaceC using the steps provided in this answer link: 

Answer ID: 2572 Exporting and importing workspaces between sites