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Language field value not transferred from the chat_launch page
Answer ID 10976   |   Last Review Date 10/19/2020

Why are chats not showing the language selected on the chat_launch page?


Languages, Chat, Customer Portal
Oracle B2C Service (OSvC)


I have added the standard language field (Incident.LangId) on the chat_launch page. When a specific language is selected and a chat submitted, the value selected is not transmitted to the created chat and incident.


The language for an incoming chat is determined by the language of the interface from which the chat request was submitted.

For example, if we launch a chat from a French interface and we select the language field to English on the chat_launch page, the incoming chat will show the language as French.

Our recommendation is to have a separate interface for each language you would like to offer support in. As a workaround, if you wish to use different languages to route chats through business rules, you may want to create an incident custom field. You can then add that to the chat_launch page and build chat business rules based on that value.

Note:  If you are using Advanced Routing, the Language Skill is also set by the interface from which the chat has been submitted.

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