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Using Client ID / Client Secret for AuthenticatingĀ SOAP requests
Answer ID 10971   |   Last Review Date 11/07/2022

How do I use Client ID / Client Secret for Authenticating SOAP requests?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


Client_ID/Secret Authentication can be used in SOAP API as username/password analogy.
All customers can use the Client_ID and Client_Secret instead of login and password to populate the User Authentication Structure with credentials:

1. Register an application.

1.1. In the Field Service Cloud interface, click Configuration and select Applications.
1.2. Click Add application window, specify the Application Type, Name and other necessary information, and click OK.
1.3. Select the new application and under Authentication settings, select the Authenticate using Client ID/Client Secret check box.
1.4. Make a note of the Client ID and Client Secret.
1.5. Click Save.

2. Configure the APIs that should be available for the created application

            2.1. Under API access section, select the plus icon.
            2.2. Select the APIs to be granted to this application.
            2.3. Click Save.

Observe that some APIs require a configuration of the layout with the fields/properties that are expected to be available.

For this example we will be using sunrise_cable as the instance/company name. Let's assume the Client ID is 'test_app' and the generated Client Secret is '5634834a68becc7dce7faa4c26546058db5a68becc7dce7f'.

Referring to the documentation (Outbound Interface Entities and Structures) where the <user> node is specified we should have the following result:

CURRENT_TIME = 2019-07-17T16:25:50-04:00
CLIENT_ID = test_app
CLIENT_SECRET = 5634834a68becc7dce7faa4c26546058db5a68becc7dce7f
INSTANCE_NAME = sunrise_cable
SHA256(CURRENT_TIME + SHA256(CLIENT_SECRET + SHA256(CLIENT_ID))) = 3e0faf3300d082506d92c340869c0694a2be120916970b1cdb6b96969a8167fb