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Hyperlink window in answer editor appears too low
Answer ID 10955   |   Last Review Date 06/27/2019

Why does the hyperlink dialog window in an answer appear too low on the screen?


Answers, Workspaces, HTML Answer Editor
Oracle B2C Service, 19A, 19B


In the Oracle B2C Service release 18A, the Answer Editor was changed to be compatible with the Browser User Interface (BUI). With the new editor (CKEditor), the hyperlink dialog window may show up too low in the answer screen view when the console is not maximized to the screen.  The functionality may be dependent on your browser version so it may not happen in some cases.  A scroll bar will automatically display when this happens so you can scroll down to view the entire link window in order to save your changes.  This functionality is native to this new tool and may behave different than the previous editor.

NOTE: If you cancel out of the Link window and open the Link window again, it will be in full view.

For more information see Answer 10205: Answer Editor Features.