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Needing login access to the Browser UI
Answer ID 10927   |   Last Review Date 11/21/2022

How can I setup my account so that I have access to log into the Agent Browser UI? 


Oracle B2C Service
Browser User Interface (BUI)


Your Oracle B2C Service Administrator will need to supply you with the URL to use for the login screen of the Agent Browser UI. 

You will then use the same credentials as you do now for the Agent Desktop Console. 

One key aspect is that your profile needs the following permission enabled so that your credentials will allow you to login: 

    "Agent Browser User Interface"  (midway down the Permissions tab)

Select the "Account Authentication" option. Save the profile and then log in on the URL you are given from your Oracle B2C Service Administrator

If your profile is not setup correctly, you will see an Access Denied message after entering your login credentials. 

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