What is new in Oracle Policy Automation 19B
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What is new in Oracle Policy Automation 19B?


Oracle Policy Automation (OPA), new features


Do you have a deployed project created in an earlier version? There are a few things you should check.

The 19B release of Oracle Policy Automation Cloud Service includes: 

New Value function for an attribute

The new Value function allows policy authors to easily use the actual underlying text value of an attribute that is bound to an OPA value list, instead of the display value shown in an interview.

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New Deployments REST API operations

Two additional sub-resources have been added to the Deployments REST API:

  • urlParameters - This gets the expected input parameters for the specified deployment version. (This data comes from the Seed from URL parameter attribute setting in Policy Modeling.)
  • locales - This gets the default locale, as well as all the available locales, for the specified deployment version.

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Additional interview extension properties for controls

The following methods have been added to the fullCustomInput interview extension so that the interview designer has control over caption position and the size of custom input controls:

  • getQuestionLayout() - Returns the caption position for a control
  • getSideQuestionWidth() - Returns the width of the caption in pixels
  • getMultiLineTextRows() - Returns the number of rows specified for multi-line text inputs

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Other enhancements

Warnings about impending deletion of old web service connector API versions

Warnings will now be displayed in Policy Automation Hub for web service and static metadata connections using connector versions that are scheduled to be deleted sometime in the next six months. These warnings are provided so that system integrators can plan to move to a later version before the affected connector is removed.

For details of when the different connector versions will no longer be supported, see:

Chat API enhancements

Several enhancements to the OPA Chat API have been made to allow richer chat interactions to be developed, for OPA interviews. The following new features are accessed through the versioned API with either 12.2.15 or latest:

  • Save documents provided via chat directly into connected Service Cloud or other application (
  • Provide user-friendly visual selection options in chat clients that support it
  • Provide chat users with choices from a list of related items that can be pre-filtered as needed
  • Inspect OPA chat data to deliver flexible custom integrations, and to understand usage patterns

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Hungarian user interface

A translated Policy Modeling user interface and translated Policy Automation Hub is now available in Hungarian. Note that a Hungarian built-in rule parser is not available so to create a Hungarian project you need to choose it as a custom language.

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For a list of issues addressed in this release, see the Policy Automation Change History (Active customers)