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Migration of Oracle Cobrowse Service to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
Answer ID 10835   |   Last Review Date 12/22/2019

What you need to know about the migration of Oracle Cobrowse Service to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)?


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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)


Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions, intended to provide you with basic information you may want to know about the planned migration of Oracle Cobrowse Service environment to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).  OSvC Technical Support will be updating and adding to this content as additional information becomes available.


Why is Cobrowse service migrating to OCI?

Oracle has developed OCI as its first cloud specifically built to host enterprise systems and shared services like OSvC and Cobrowse.  The new infrastructure should provide unmatched reliability, scalability and performance for mission-critical applications, and it will be built on state-of-the-art hardware and networking technologies.  

When will my Cobrowse service migrate, and can I schedule it?

OSvC Technical Support will communicate to you your service's scheduled migration date when it becomes available.  At that point, if you have concerns about the migration date or schedule, please contact OSvC support and they will be considered.  Keep in mind though that the migration process will be mandatory, as eventually the current hosted environment will be disabled.

Where will my Cobrowse service be hosted?

After the migration your Cobrowse service will be hosted in the same region as today.

Are there any changes to the terms of my Oracle contract?

No, this migration involves no changes to the support and/or hosting contract you currently have with Oracle.

Will there be any downtime caused by the migration?

There will be no downtime during this migration.


Will my customizations and configuration continue to function after migration?

Customizations and configuration will function as before.  There will be no change to actual product functionality as part of this migration.   

Will this change my ability to administer my Cobrowse service?

No, all functionality available via Cobrowse Administration Console ( previously will also be available to you post-migration.

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