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Invalid look-up value for field 'X' validation error on Data Import
Answer ID 10827   |   Last Review Date 10/28/2021

Why do I receive "Invalid look-up value for field 'X'" error during Data Import?


Data Import Wizard, Oracle B2C Service, all versions


Validation error "Invalid look-up value for field 'X'" can be returned during Data Import when you're importing into a child table and the expected values are not found in that table's associated parent tables.  This functionality uses the system-generated custom object search report so you may want to confirm that report is working under the folder \Public Reports\Common\Views - Common\Search Reports - Custom Objects. 

In order to confirm your associated tables are setup correctly so that this error does not appear, when importing records through Data Import Wizard, into a child table, please confirm the following: 

--> The parent tables must contain the associated field values (that you are using in the import file) prior to importing records into the child table. 
For example, say you have this setup: 
 CO$ParentA (fields: A_id, A_text)  
 CO$ChildTable (fields: C_id, Text1, A_id)
    CO$ChildTable is the child table to CO$ParentA by this association:  CO$ChildTable.A_id associated to CO$ParentA.A_id.
                       CO$ChildTable.A_id  <->  CO$ParentA.A_id
The child table has a pointer to the parent table. For example, our standard incidents table has a c_id (contact ID) field since the incidents table is a child of the contacts table. 
 You are importing into the child table (CO$ChildTable), these rows:
C_id A_id Text1
1 22 Hello team!
2 23 Good morning team!
In this scenario, a record in the CO$ParentA table must have an A_id field with value "22" and another record with value "23" since the import is expecting those parent records to have been created prior. Thus, if you were to query (filter) your CO$ParentA  table on (A_id = 22) you would expect to see one record returned.  When the error message appears , that means the application could not find a record where A_id = 22 or perhaps for A_id = 23. The message area will include details showing which record it could not find. 
This error can also occur if your Custom Object uses a circular relationship (Custom Object has a parent and child relationship with the same object) and those relationships are not supported in Oracle B2C Service. View the Custom Object in Object Designer and confirm the relationships are not circular, else you may encounter this error as well as other problems. 

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