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Overnight Work Hours Maximum Value in Oracle Field Service
Answer ID 10818   |   Last Review Date 05/06/2019

What is the maximum value allowed in Configuration > Business Rules > Overnight Work?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


In Configuration > Business Rules > Overnight work, the parameter 'Working time __ hours since midnight ___' allows you to define a number of hours past midnight that users are still allowed to perform regular actions on yesterday's activities. Also allows yesterday's route activation/deactivation during this time.

The maximum value you can enter in this parameter is 24 hours. If this value is equal to 0, it is not possible to modify yesterday's routes.

Configuration > Business Rules > Overnight work, the parameter 'Working time 0 hours since midnight UTC-5:00 New York' is shown

For more information about 'Overnight work' and how changes to this parameter can affect your business, please see Administering Oracle Field Service and Using Core Manage Cloud Service guides here

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