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Terminate chat rule for email 'anonymous@anonymous.invalid​​​​​​​' is not working
Answer ID 10765   |   Last Review Date 11/10/2019

Why isn't my chat business rule to terminate any chat that has a contact email address from 'anonymous@anonymous.invalid' not working?


Chat Business rules


If a chat is launched without an email address, the product will automatically designate the chat as having an email address of anonymous@anonymous.invalid as explained in Answer 4200: E-mail Addresses in Chat. The value of this email address can be changed and it is stored in a message base named ANONYMOUS_AT_ANONYMOUS_INVALID_LBL.

In general, the end-user will fill in their contact information such as First Name, Last Name and Email address in the chat launch page (app/chat/chat_launch) before submitting a chat. In some circumstances, end-users may bypass the chat_launch page and access the chat landing page (app/chat/chat_landing) directly to submit a chat without any contact information. These submissions will create a chat that will then be associated to the anonymous@anonymous.invalid contact record. To stop such chat submissions, customers have used a chat business rule to terminate chats that have a contact email address as 'anonymous@anonymous.invalid'.

Please note that when chat is launched from the chat landing page directly, the email address of chat will be passed as NULL. The product will then designate the chat as having an email address of anonymous@anonymous.invalid. Depending on when the business rule is set to run, having only the chat business rule terminate on that specific address may not block all such chats. You may also need to include another chat rule to block chats that have a contact email of NULL. This would ensure that no chats can be submitted from landing page directly.