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Oracle Field Service - Configuration and Solution Build
Answer ID 10703   |   Last Review Date 03/17/2019

How to conduct configuration and solution build for the Oracle Field Service product?


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Oracle Field Service - Configuration and Solution Build Phase


During the configuration and solution build phase, everything that was decided as part of planning and design phase is implemented. This phase involves the construction of the actual project result, which involves various activities like application setup, security implementation, and cutover strategy & plan creation along with other activities. The development team would further implement integrations, reports and security along with troubleshooting. The configuration and solution build phase is complete when validation and acceptance testing is ready to start.

Set up applications: Rapid Templates/Configuration Workbooks by Product/Module
(Including Besides Features and Functionalities, Notifications and Approval)

Conduct Configuration Validation Workshops (CRP Sessions):
First Iteration Standard Process without Exception

Build and Validate Integrations (External Data Integration Service Guide)

Implement Security (Job roles, Duty roles, entitlements, SSO and others

Schedule the STAGING Environment Management Activities
(Sizing, P2T/T2T and Purge Test Data to Prepare for UAT)