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Platinum Level Services
Answer ID 10697   |   Last Review Date 03/13/2019

What are Platinum-level Services?


Business Success
Platinum Level Services


Oracle now offers platinum-level services standard across all SaaS products in order to provide everything you need to encourage seamless adoption and reach business value faster at no additional cost.

Some key features of this offering include:

  • Fast issue resolution - 24/7 Severity 1 support coverage.
  • Dedicated implementation support to provide guidance and hands-on support for the implementation process.
  • Free education on demand - check out the Oracle Launch Pad. The Launch Pad is on-demand, 24/7 extensive training and best practices content in a digital learning experience.
  • Success planning support - we will work with you on technical and business execution strategy to ensure successful deployment in end user adoption.
  • Tailored adoption guidance - offer content on best practices for every functional area.

TIP: Bookmark Oracle's Destination's Gateway site!

From here you can quickly access Oracle Launch Pad, Cloud Quickstart live events, and guided learning starter packs!

Why the change?

We have spoken with hundreds of customers across our SaaS product lines and what we've heard is that our customers, along with customers in the SaaS industry in general, want: faster, more responsive services, better productivity, speedy innovation, improved efficiency, and thoughtful agility. They want tailored services based on their business objectives and needs, and they want expertise (both technical, business, and industry) that will help them achieve results. SaaS requires a new model. As a result, we are raising the bar with our support offering for SaaS. Our Oracle SaaS Support Services provide every customer with a platinum-level of support service as part of their SaaS subscription to make customer success table stakes. We are also offering advanced support options so customers can tailor their services to align with their objectives.

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