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Disabled users still show in my named account billing
Answer ID 10644   |   Last Review Date 02/02/2020

Why are my disabled users still showing in my named account billing?


Licensed Users, Chat Seats, Disabling Staff Accounts
Oracle B2C Service


Any staff accounts marked as Disabled from Assignment, Disabled from Assignment/Report Filters, or Permanently Disabled, will not count towards your licensed users. You will be billed for the staff accounts that were enabled at the peak count of a service month. Also, any staff accounts that are locked by the administrator will not be counted.

It is also necessary to move disabled accounts out of chat-enabled profiles. This will ensure disabled agent accounts are not counted in your chat seats.

Please see the following for steps and information on disabling and moving staff accounts:

Answer 570: Disabling a staff account

Answer 2474: Actions to take when disabling a staff account

Answer 5535: Moving a Permanently Disabled Staff Account to a new group

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