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Workspace Optimization
Answer ID 10625   |   Last Review Date 12/04/2019

How can I improve the load times of our workspaces?


Workspace Optimization for Agent Desktop Service Console (.NET) and Agent Browser User Interface (BUI)

The intended audience for this consists of site administrators and developers working on integrations with Oracle B2C Service.


The Workspace team has put together a series of posts providing information on optimizing workspaces, along with a step-by-step guide on how to troubleshoot performance issues. This material will be applicable to both the Agent Desktop Service Console (.NET) and the Agent Browser User Interface (BUI).

An introduction of this series and series links are available in this post:  Soup up Workspace load!

Also included in that post is this step-by-step guide on how to troubleshoot performance issues with workspaces:
(The "articles" referenced are the Optimization posts from the introduction.)

  1. If your site has Add-ins, start by testing without Add-ins. If performance improves drastically investigate the Add-ins. (See the Add-in article).
  2. Next, investigate environmental factors. Test with a different account and a different profile. Test on a different computer. Test on a different network. (See the first article for more information.)
  3. Do you use workflow? If so, use a test profile configured to open records with your most common workspace instead of a workflow. If performance improves drastically investigate the workflow. (See the workflow article.)
  4. Still have problems? Replace your workspace with the standard workspace and see what happens. If that’s better, disable your workspace rules, and look for problematic controls. (See the Workspace Layout and Rules articles.)
  5. If you, in all unlikelihood, still have issues using the standard workspace without add-ins in multiple environments (computers/networks), then you should contact Oracle Technical Support.

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