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Sessions issues and concurrent user
Answer ID 10615   |   Last Review Date 06/22/2021

Why does the data in my CSI graph appear incorrect?


License Compliance Dashboard
Customer Session Information (CSI)


As of versions 20B and later, Service Usage Metrics should be treated as the source of truth for sessions information. The Service Usage Metrics Dashboard is available via the BUI interface of all non-EOL versions of the B2C Service Application. For instructions on accessing this dashboard, see Answer ID 11627: Service Usage Metrics Required Permissions.

The Customer Session Information (CSI) graphs rely on baselines being accurate. Oracle is no longer updating the baselines for a few reasons:

  1. The data on the back end is accurate and your sales account manager can provide it
  2. This data is moving to Cloud Portal
  3. There is no access to update the baselines 

The data behind the these reports is accurate, however the graphs display incorrectly because the baseline is not reset. When the baseline data feeds into the graph it looks higher or lower than it should be. 

In the near future we will have the raw numbers displayed on the support portal for you when you log in. Additional reporting will be made available once all the data is moved into the Cloud Portal.

In the interim, if you have any questions about the data, there are multiple answers in the Oracle B2C Service knowledge base which we will continue to augment and update to provide guidance to you on managing your site and sessions.

For concurrent users, the timeline for this is monthly and it takes into account users logged in concurrently, not just agents but everyone logged in (administrators, analysts, chat, etc).  It is also planned to make the raw numbers for this available from the Support Portal as well.

If there are questions regarding the accuracy of the data, please submit a service request.  

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