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Tidy Your Database
Answer ID 10610   |   Last Review Date 03/01/2019

figure throws trash in trashcan

It's likely you've read an article, watched a video or spoken to a friend about Marie Kondo's advice on decluttering your life. Perhaps you've even sorted  your household goods into neat piles, found what made your heart sing, and discarded all the rest. Whether you're surrounded by only items that spark joy or just wishing you had the time to clean your kitchen, take a moment to turn your attention to database housekeeping. When was the last time you or your administrator took a long, hard look at your database amd made sure it was optimized?  

If you think that your database could use some tidying, I have the whitepaper for you. In Oracle Service Cloud: Data Volume Management,you will find insights into OSvC database management capabilities aimed at helping you efficiently manage data storage and meet your organization's compliance policies.