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Adjust font size during an active chat
Answer ID 10606   |   Last Review Date 01/06/2023

How do I adjust the font size of chat transcript and compose area during an active chat?


Chat workspace, Chat transcript


In an active chat workspace, you will see a Zoom In (+) and Zoom Out (-) button in the compose area. These buttons will adjust the font size of a response typed in by an agent in the compose area. Once the font size is adjusted, it remains at that size for each chat the agent is engaged in. These buttons do not modify the font size of the chat transcript during an active chat.

To adjust the font size of an active chat transcript, click on the chat transcript area and press 'Ctrl and +' keys to zoom in or ''Ctrl and -' keys to zoom out on your keyboard. Conversely, you can press 'Ctrl' key and scroll-up or down from your mouse. This adjustment will not persist for later chats. 

The changes in font size apply to the appearance of the text for the agent and will not change the size of the font that is delivered to the end user. 

Note: This behavior is limited to agents working in the .NET Console. For agents using Browser UI, please see this Answer Link: Requirements to set-up the Magnification Function for Chat Agents in the Browser User Interface