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Incidents not routing to a queue after cutover
Answer ID 10577   |   Last Review Date 02/17/2019

Why are the incidents no longer routing to an incident queue? 


Incident Routing, Oracle B2C Service (OSvC)


If your site was recently cutover to a new version and your incidents are no longer being routed to an incident queue, per your business rules, please try the following: 

It's possible that an edit was made to your business rules prior to cutover, but they weren't activated, and when the cutover occurred it wasn't able to activate all the rules due to a possible dependency.

Please try the following:
 - Go into your Business Rules and click Edit on the top ribbon
 - Once in edit mode, click on Compile and then Activate
 - Confirm it activates without error

If you see a message like the following:
  Move the 52 records in state with id value of NULL to:     NULL

If you see a message regarding:
Rulebase Compile Errors - Database Referential Integrity Error

 - Then create a new incident and confirm it hits your business rule that sets the queue. You can also view the rules log here:   Using the Rule Log to troubleshoot rules

Keep in mind that the prior incidents won't hit the rules unless an edit is made to them and they meet the criteria of a rule in the rule state they are in.