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Access denied when accessing Data Lifecycle Policies
Answer ID 10564   |   Last Review Date 03/18/2019

Why do I receive "Access Denied" when trying to access the Data Lifecycle Policies from the Browser UI? 


Agent Browser User Interface (BUI)
Oracle B2C Service (OSvC), 18B and newer


The "Access denied." error is received when accessing the Data Lifecycle Policies. 


In order to access the Data Lifecycle Policies, you must have the "Bulk Delete" checkbox enabled in the Administration section of your profile permissions. This can be accessed from Configuration -> Staff Management -> Profiles -> Edit the profile which should have access to Data Lifecycle Policies -> enable the "Bulk Delete" checkbox and Save. 

Once the "Bulk Delete" checkbox has been enabled, you should log off and log in again to the Browser UI in order for the changes to take effect. 

For more information about profile permissions, refer to: Answer ID 768: Profile Permissions.

For more information about the Data Lifecycle Policy, refer to: Answer ID 10013: Using Data Lifecycle Policy to purge (or archive).