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File Properties Export to Archive
Answer ID 10509   |   Last Review Date 05/12/2019

Why are all file properties listed separately when extracting from the system?


Oracle Field Service (OFS) - Daily Extract


I have configured the Daily Extract file "Property File Fields" to include all file properties I need to extract from the system. However, when searching for available files for a specific date using REST API call /rest/ofscCore/v1/folders/dailyExtract/folders/{dailyExtractDate}/files, I see all files extracted are listed for download separately.

All files extracted are listed for download separately in the extraction.

I expected all property files to be inside {COMPANY_NAME}_property_file.


File properties are exported in their orignal format and under names created according to the following pattern: companyName_propertyID_entityID_filename
* CompanyName is the name of the company in OFS. For some companies, companyid is used.

If you would like to have all file properties exported within a .zip file instead, this result can be achieved following the steps below:

Go to Configuration > Outbound Integration > Daily Extract

On the top right Click Export to export the .xml configuration file.

Configuration > Outbound Integration > Daily Extract. Export button is highlighted.

The file will be generated with today's date.

Using a .xml file editor, open the file and locate the file that contain name="property_file".

Observe that parameter export_archive is set by default to ""

Parameter export_archive is set to ""

Change parameter to export_archive="zip"

Parameter export_archive was changed to "zip"

Save the file.

Go back to Configuration > Outbound Integration > Daily Extract

On the top right Click Import to import the .xml configuration file you have edited.

Configuration > Outbound Integration > Daily Extract. Import button is highlighted.

Browse to the file location and click Validate.

Validate button is highlighted.

Check the warnings and fix the errors prior to click Import, if any errors are found. Warnings that file name already exist and will be overwritten are expected.

Click Import when you are ready to import the file.

Results section is highlighted. Import button is highlighted.

Check the results of import action and click Close.

Import screen shows the results.

NOTEThe changes will be applied for the next Daily Extract run and forward. Changes will not be applied for files already generated in previous days.

Please keep in mind that the maximum size for the archive is 5GB (xml + property files). If file for the day is larger than 5GB it will be unavailable for download as it cannot be stored to the file storage.