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Deleting a Routing Plan
Answer ID 10499   |   Last Review Date 12/03/2018

Can I delete a routing plan I no longer need?

Routing Plans
Oracle Field Service (OFS)

I have a routing plan I no longer need and I would like to delete it. This plan is associated to a bucket and set to "inactive". When I click the option "delete" I receive the alert "Routing plan is already in use and cannot be deleted".


Please be aware a routing plan cannot be deleted while the execution summary reports exist within the system.
Routing > Execution Summary

Routing execution summary logs are kept for a 90 day period as part of Oracle Field Service data retention policy. Once the retention period expires, you will then be able to delete the inactive routing plan.

For more information about OFS data retention policy, please visit: Answer 9918: OFSC Data Retention Policy.

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