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Propagation of changes made to cached data to Agent Browser User Interface (BUI)
Answer ID 10432   |   Last Review Date 07/17/2019

Why can't I see the impact of some changes to data in Agent browser User Interface immediately?


Site Administration, Browser User Interface (BUI)
Oracle B2C Service (OSvC), All versions after 17D


Making changes to the following cached data items will require time (up to 1 hour) to be propagated throughout the system before the changes will become available to be used in workspace rules in the Browser User Interface (BUI):

a. Staff accounts
b.  Queues
c.  Products
d.  Categories
e.  Dispositions

Please refer to Actions to avoid during business hours for more details about actions that should be avoided during business hours.

The reason for this behavior is that BUI uses a mid-tier caching system, rather than a desktop cache for performance improvement.  The mid-tier cache does not require updating as frequently as the original desktop cache did.  A change in a console cached field/menu requires an hour to propagate to the mid-tier and then it will be accessible to the desktop agents. To force caching to be updated faster, the user is to log out of BUI and relogin.

Should a change be made in a workspace rule used in BUI workspace that is dependent on a recently edited cached item be encountered in BUI, a warning will be generated to let you know that the item is not valid or available for selection. This behavior is by design. After the propagation is complete, the product will no longer display this warning.