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The Virtual Assistant is triggering an incorrect Intent
Answer ID 10412   |   Last Review Date 09/18/2019

Why is the incorrect intent showing when using the Virtual Assistant for chat?


Chat, Virtual Assistant


When you create an intent it is not automatically published for public consumption. It needs to be published in order to match when an end user is interacting with the Virtual Assistant. An intent in the draft state is not yet published and will not show in the Virtual Assistant chat even though it might match when testing on the Virtual Assistant Dashboard.

To publish an intent:

Select one or more intents on the Intents list, then select the Publish option from the Actions menu 


When you are updating an intent on the intents Edit page, click Publish.

For additional information, refer to the Status of Intents section in current online documentation. See also the How You Configure Virtual Assistant chapter for information on getting started with Virtual Assistant.